The festival walks take place on the 50 walking routes of the TransAlentejo Network, which are located in the 47 municipalities of the Alentejo.

To participate in the walks, you must travel by your means to the starting point of each of them. In the case of linear walks, other than round trips, the organization deals with access to the starting point. See the meeting points on the Global Program.

The TransAlentejo Walking Festival takes place for a month throughout the Alentejo. The walks are spread over four weekends, each with a sub-regional focus.

About Alentejo

The Alentejo is an almost unknown territory for those who enjoy walking throughout the world. It corresponds to a third of Portugal's continental portion, with 31.200 km2, but only about 512,000 inhabitants. It is a territory marked by the rural landscape, where the authenticity and time are the most precious values.

From a geographical standpoint, there are all kinds of beautiful scenery. To the north are the mountains of the Serra de São Mamede, over the plains the extensive forests of cork oak trees, further south is Lake Alqueva, the largest artificial lake in Europe and benefiting from its waters are the extensive cereal prairies, finally, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the well-preserved Southwest Atlantic Coast.

The Alentejo is a real box of surprises for those who enjoy walking and t
raveling to Portugal has no major complications or special needs.

We want your stay to be as pleasant as possible and we are available to answer any questions you consider important and necessary. Whenever you need, send us an email to and we will respond immediately.

Portugal Overview

Portugal has the oldest borders in Europe, with an exceptional range of different landscapes just a short distance away, lots of leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity blend together in perfect harmony. Its superb cuisine, fine wines and hospitable people make this a tourist paradise of the highest quality.

With a population of about 11 million, the density is at its greatest in Lisbon, the capital and its suburbs, where about 3 million people live. The second largest city in Portugal is Porto in the north. There are more people living in the country’s coastal regions than in the inland areas.

The majority of Portuguese are Catholics, but the Portuguese Constitution guarantees religious freedom and there are a number of different religions in Portugal. The religion and the different cults are not a matter or a problem in Portugal.

From a Latin root, Portuguese is spoken by about 250 million people in all continents, and is the 5th most spoken language in the world and the 3rd, if we only consider the European languages. In Portugal it's easy to find people who are able to communicate in English, French and Spanish.

Where you can find Portugal

Much more about Portugal at

How to Fly to Portugal
Portugal has an excellent geographical position as an european and atlantic country. All major airlines fly to Portugal, with direct flies to Lisbon Airport (Portela). To the Faro Airport mostly fly charters and some lowcost companies. In the center of Alentejo there are the new Beja Airport, until now with little activity of commercial flights.

Fly Companies with direct flies to Lisbon Airport

Portuguese Fly Companies

Check all the
information about

Portuguese Airports
Portugal Portugal aaa aaa aaa aaa at
+351 707 205 700
+351 707 227 282


European Fly Companies

United Kingdom
France Switzerland
+351 707 200 000
+351 808 200 125
+351 218 925 831
+351 707 782 782
+351 707 222 747
+351 707 202 800
+351 808 200 487

Ukraine Moldavia aa aa aaa
(+30) 210 6261000
+47 2149 00 15
+351 217 618 994
+351 213 856 549

Europa - LowCost
Europa - LowCost
Europa - LowCost
Europa - LowCost
Europa - LowCost
Europa - LowCost
Europa - LowCost
+351 707 500 176
+44 871 246 0002
+351 213 587 680
+351 707 783 939
+44 (0) 330 365 1918
+351 218 445 170
707 500 071

American Fly Companies


USA Canada aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa
+351 214 159 102
+351 218 487 741 

Travel by Car in Portugal
Portugal has a good road network composed of Motorways (AE), Main Trunk Routes (IP), Complementary Trunk Routes (IC), Main (National) Roads (EN) and Secondary (Municipal) Roads.

There are two types of motorways:
– The traditional motorways with toll booths, where payment is made either in cash or by bank card. These motorways also have a Via Verde (green channel), which is an electronic toll system that allows drivers to make the payment by bank debit and is intended for use solely by those who have an electronic device identifying their vehicle, which they have previously acquired at one of the respective sales outlets (

- Motorways that have an exclusively electronic toll system, where tolls are collected by exclusively electronic means. As vehicles pass through the toll gates, they are picked up by electronic detectors placed at the entry to the channels, which are identified with the words “Electronic toll only”. For information about the roads covered by this system and the respective forms of payment, consult and

There are car rental services at airports, international rail terminuses and in the main towns and cities.
To rent a car you must:
- Be at least between 21 and 25 years old, depending on the company’s rental policy.
- Show identification - Identity card for EU citizens or a valid passport for other nationalities.
- Have had a driving licence for more than one year.

Rent a Car Companies in Portugal



+351 219 407 790
+351 219 426 300
+ 351 800 201 002
+351 213 703 400 
+351 218 463 187
+351 707 28 28 70

For more information or to choose other Rent a Car companies

Portuguese Association of Rent a Car

Website only in Portuguese

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