INFORMATION NOTE 01 - 9 Setembro 2023

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TransAlentejo Walking Festival presents its third edition in the Alentejo in October and November 2023 to make the Alentejo known, promoting the 50 best Walking Trails in the territory.

Turismo do Alentejo Regional Tourism Board organize on the third edition of the TransAlentejo Walking Festival, which takes place from the 14th of October to the 5th of November, where it will be possible to discover and walk through the 50 walking routes that are part of the basic structure of the Alentejo as a privileged hiking destination.

The biggest hiking tourism event in Portugal takes place over four weeks, with weekends dedicated to the agenda of walking tours and the remaining days to events on territorial thinking and Tourism Seminars on themes that associate tourism products with the territory and the local development. These events will have the participation of several national and foreign guests to talk, disseminate and understand case studies from different destinations.

The days of Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to walking tours by hikers of the territory or visitors. Each day of the weekend will have a set of free guided walks, so it will be difficult to choose the most beautiful options.

Throughout the festival, several presentation visits will be organized with tour operators and specialized press, national and foreign, in order to gain a global promotional dimension of the Alentejo as a nature tourism destination, in a joint organization with Agency of External Promotion of Turismo do Alentejo.

The success of the initiative is based on the active and committed participation of all municipalities participating in the event, in a logic of collective and participatory management as defined by the principles of sustainability policies.

This structuring is carried out in all the municipalities of Alentejo with signage and full information of a route per municipality, which are published in four printed guides, with versions in Portuguese and English.

After creating, signaling and editing the walking routes, this is the time to make the tourist product of walking, also known as “walking”, which is currently the only transversal to all municipalities in Alentejo, known in a global and comprehensive way.

This event is organized by Turismo do Alentejo ERT and the active participation of all municipalities in Alentejo. The coordination is the responsibility of SAL Sistemas de Ar Livre, integrated in the global brand Portugal Walking Festival.

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